What does your company really stand for?

Sharing with your customers what your company stands for is key. Contributio makes it easy for you and has created a company passport. Through an easy-to-implement widget you can show insights on your company values and hard earned certificates on your website.

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Whether you’re a treehugger or treeplanter, the environment is very important to you. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword: it is intertwined in your production processes, products and services. You’re building a greener future. Not because UFO’s are real, but because climate change is.


Society loves you because of your commitments to it. Maybe you give part of your profit to refugee shelters. Maybe you give kittens and puppies a better life. Whatever it is you do, you do it to make our society a better place. Kumbaya has nothing on you.


Everything you deliver is simply better than the best. Quality is your main goal. People must be happy with their purchase. That’s why your standards are about as high as Beyonce’s self confidence. And you think that’s great – which is why you want to humbly boast about it.


Local is your thing. You love your roots and neighbourhood as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Your local pride is your main strength – and goal. This Made in Belgium thing is not a trend for you. It is real. It is not made in China and finished in Belgium. It’s full Belgian. Like our fries, which are so not French.

Show the certifications that your company earned and the organisations you support

Show the world what you’ve achieved and what you’re proud of. Share the organisations that you support on a regular base. Give insights in the values for which your company stand for by giving them a stage. You can even easily select the labels and certifications you wish and if they don’t exist upload them yourself.

Give a rating to your values

Transparency is key. And no, we’re not talking about lengthy mission statements, messy footers with vague labels and incomprehensible reports. We are talking about actual transparency. Telling others what you really value, without the fluffy extra’s.

You can play with the Contributio Rose Diagram: change the values and see how the picture looks differently.