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The passport widget has a feedback button. Anyone can report companies that spread false or incorrect information. This could be anything from memberships to labels that companies claim to have earned. Once we receive a complaint, we proceed to question the company. We always start from the principle of trust, so we won’t check companies’ widget when there are no registered complaints.
The Feedback button on the widget redirects a person to our contact form. On that contact form remarks, questions can be formulated and the are sent to the Contributio Helpdesk. From there on we verify the reported Feedback and if necessary contact the company in question.
A Label is a certification that a product or a company can have. It's the result of an audit or certification process. A Membership is like a subscription or support that you give to a non profit organisation or professional organisation. For example: Unizo is a (quality) membership but the Ecommerce label that Unizo gives is a (quality) label.
It’s 100% in your hands to choose where you’ll display your Contributio Passport. You can install the widget on your website, webshop and app. Once installed, the passport is then visible to every visitor and user on that platform. (platforms?)
After your purchase, you will receive clear instructions on how to install the widget. You will get all necessary information at the end of the registration process. You can either integrate the code yourself, or pass the instructions on to your web developer.
In the registration pages you can add your own labels and memberships if they don't exist.
Fill in our contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Yes, after the order is completed, an invoice will be sent to your mailbox.
The yearly fee for the Contributio Passport widget is € 69 (VAT excluded).
Click on the Join Us link and order a subscription. After you have paid for the invoice you can complete the register process.