Contributio is like a passport that helps you speak volumes.

People prefer to buy from transparant companies that share what they stand for. So it makes total sense you want to communicate about the added value you are bringing, right?

This could be on your society contributions, on the top quality service you offer, on the local impact you have or on the efforts you do to have a halt on climate change. Whatever it is your company pursues, you want to tell the world.

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A one-time set-up. Easy to update. And the perfect visual representation of your values.

A passport widget for only 69 euro per year

Contributio bundles all information about what you value in one easy to implement widget. You just tell us what you strive for, what you have achieved and which contributions you want to tell people about. And all those people have to do is click on your Contributio passport to get to know you.

You get to choose from 4 major categories to show the world what you value. Eco, society, quality and geo. It doesn’t matter what you pick: there are no bad choices. There are only your values and what you want to talk about! Just because you think your quality is more important than planting trees, doesn’t mean you’re hating on the environment. Unless of course your idea of “local” is dumping chemicals in the river behind you. That’s some bad choices alright.

Share what's important for your company

Contributio is the best way to inform your website visitors about what your company stands for. Show off your company values and your well earned certificates through an easy to implement widget.

For only 69 € year the plug-in is all yours. We’re not saying this is the best deal ever, but it kind of is.